11 – Dracarys, Fire and Fury

Apparently, threatening nuclear war isn’t the worst thing someone can do this week. Family in the military. China wins. Charlottesville. Free speech. Should hate speech be outlawed? Google diversity memo. Obama’s failure to tackle hate groups. Taking on the biggest thugs to send a message. Game of Thrones.  Stephen Miller is now Dickon. Is shipping Jon and Daenerys gross? Bonus point: do they get it on in this episode? PICKLE RICK!!!


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Deathpool update:  no point changes.

Current standings:
Mark:  2
Melissa: .5
Andy: 0

This week’s picks:
Andy: Jeff Sessions, Greyworm
Mark: Omorosa, Euron Greyjoy
Melissa: Omorosa, Dickon — Melissa will be awarded one point for this correct pick.