12 – Bye, Bannon!

Ding! Dong! The Bannon’s Dead! More dangerous now? We’ll take the win. Charlottesville response redux: The Mormoning. Romney, Hatch, and Flake! Oh My! A Purposeful Wife.  Game of Thrones. Mansplaining. Deathpool! Dickon for the win! Why Melissa should really be tied with Mark.


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Deathpool update:  Melissa gets a point for Dickon Tarly.

Current standings:
Mark:  2
Melissa: 1.5
Andy: 0

This week’s picks:
Andy: Jeff Sessions, Littlefinger
Mark: Stephen “Dickon” Miller, Thoros of Myr
Melissa: Gen. Kelly,  Thoros of Myr

Melissa and Mark will both be awarded one point for picking Thoros.