14 – A Song of Ice Dragons and Incest

SPOILERS (obviously) as we give our immediate reactions to the Game of Thrones finale. Ice Dragons! Melissa wins the death pool. Cersei. ┬áJaime stands up to her. Tyrion– Peter Dinklage’s poker face. Littlefinger. Sansa a slow learner, isn’t getting her hands dirty. Please don’t let Tormund be dead. Theon! Should we call him Aegon Targaryen, and does this mean anything?


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Melissa wins the Deathpool by getting a point for Littlefinger. So, unless Stephen “Dickon” Miller is fired in the next two weeks, Melissa wins. Probably final standings:

Melissa: 3.5 (probably really should be 4– let’s be real, that Sand Snake is DEAD)
Mark: 3
Andy: 1 (finally on the board!)