12 – Tomorrowland and Torchwood


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New intro. Britney Spears last week. Changing the intro because Im more of a Who Neophyte than a Who Virgin. Sending good thoughts and prayers to Melissa. Backlash against the Instant backlash. Star Wars cast. Supergirl pilot. Game of Thrones. The Duggars. Black Widow toys.

This episode is respectfully dedicated to Jeff Michael Vice. Listen to our dedication to him starting around 15:00.


Everything Changes/Day One: The Gwen continuation. Just feels like a police procedural. Massive disagreement about Pacific Rim. This is NOT a kids show.

Ghost Machine: Can you change your future? Maybe not.

Cyberwoman: Sexy cyborg time? Death by barbecue sauce and pterodactyl is cool.

Tomorrowland: Our kids review the movie. We show off our knowledge of the Bible! Yoda shows us we have to think like children. Cynicism is awful. Hugh Laurie is great. We got to do something! Xennials vs. The Oregon Trail Generation aka Generation Star Wars. The tragedy of losing NASA. The power of hope.

Poltergeist didnt need to be remade.

Seeing San Andreas. The Rock needs a better agent. Black Adam?

Mad Men finale. Sally Draper is a serial murderer. Glen is John Rambo. How it should have ended.

***I apologize for the audio on this weeks episode. I had a cold and you can hear me cough too many times. But, the audio dropped off Andys recording in several places. Sorry its a little choppy!***

11 – The Bloom is off the Rose


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Mark requested we open the show with Britney Spears, after accusing Andy of being a fan. Who makes a music video based on Earth Girls are Easy? Who REMEMBERS Earth Girls are Easy?!??! Were not buying Iggy Azalea albums.

Love and Monsters Mark thinks this is worst episode of anything ever. Its far too silly. Andy kind of loves it. The Scooby Doo gag. The Doctor is barely in this episode at all. We dont need the thought of Jackie being a cougar. Andys crush on Moaning Myrtle.

Fear Her The Olympics tie-in was gimmicky. Child abuse is super scary and dark. How did Brits know the Kookaburra song?

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday Rose is toast, right? Andy feels robbed she didnt die. Torchwood theyve got cool tech, but theyre not quite ready for prime time. The return of Mickey. Daleks throw some serious shade:

Daleks vs CybermenBut seriously, Daleks AGAIN? Best use of sonic screwdriver ever.

The lovey-dovey stuff: falling in love with alternate universe versions of our significant others. The problem of cute.

The end of this episode is NOT tragic.

Do you want to build a snowman?

We never bought into the love story of The Doctor and Rose. The Doctor is a dick. You had your chance for a Han Solo moment and you wasted it. Oh, but the fanfiction. . .

Next week Im gonna start watching Torchwood!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is amazing. They saved the best for the last two episodes, and the very best for the last five minutes. Leave Fitz and Simmons alone!!! Glad there isnt going to be a Bobbie and Hunter spinoff show. That Gordon vs. Coulson, Mack and Fitz fight scene. Coulson joins the running gag of Marvel Phase 2 movies. More Blair Underwood, not necessarily with Agent May. Whither HYDRA and Ward? Kyle McLachlan unhinged and awesome. Agents of SHIELDs ratings and it as a loss leader for ABC/Disney/Marvel. That finale more Inhumans are coming?!?

The DC shows: Flash, Arrow, Supergirl. Flash is great. That Supergirl trailer. It does look a little like the Black Widow SNL trailer, but then she pulls a plane out of the sky. How to fix Arrow Season 4.

What shows well re-watch and catch up on over the summer. Buffy. Binge-watching Buffy. Supernatural.

10 – The Devil’s in the Decennial


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Andy moved this/last week. And Mothers Day. Why we love Target.

Legends of Tomorrow casting Arthur Darvill!! We deserve Constantine getting cancelled. Brandon Routh needs to get small. Agent Carter gets renewed!

Everyone go listen to Two Feminist Moms podcast Brookes question on how to watch Doctor Who?

The Idiots Lantern Its so meta. We liked the bit with the family. The plot was ripped off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Is the sonic screwdriver a crutch?

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit We get freaked out by the devil monster and the Ood. Rose gets to be a badass. Its cool when the Doctor is surprised or has to change his views. Science vs. myth. Is it ethical to have a slave race? If a woman chooses to wear a burqa or otherwise cover their bodies, is that ethical? Is it ok that Andy doesnt drink? The ethics of Ex Machina.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Why we love the Alamo Drafthouse. Theres not a lot of plot or dialogue its a 2 hour chase scene. Its like seeing Elliot and ET fly across the moon.

Were prophets about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Black Widow replaced by Cap in a toy of her best scene. Mark and his daughter cant find Black Widow toys. We swear. We were totally wrong about who FemThor was. Sony leaks email about female led superhero movies. We need more women screenwriters. . . but Andy has a great idea for a Black Widow movie. . .hes ok with Kelly Sue DeConnick writing his movie. We love Mark Ruffalo. Were almost exclusively a feminism podcast now.

And if you wanted to watch the livestream of the episode, including all the stuff we say in between cuts, and you can see Mark playing with the Google Hangout costumes.

9 – Robot Rampage


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This episode were joined by the amazing Melissa Martinez, who

Cinco de Mayo/May the Fourth brought to us by Obi Juan Kenobi.

Introducing Melissa!

Maisie Williams coming to Doctor Who. Strong Female Characters. Does Moffat not know how to write women? Sherlock.

School Reunion Anthony Stewart Head! How wed use godlike powers. Dick Cheney punishments. Sarah Jane and K9.

Girl in the Fireplace Consequences of time travel, the Doctors mortality vs. the passage of time for the people he leaves behind. The writers strike ruined tv.

Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel The perils of alternate dimensions. Ricky/Micky is the dog in the car. The Farnsworth Parabox. Rose has daddy issues. Who is our best version of us in another universe?

The second half of the show is just lots of talk about Avengers 2, the SNL Black Widow trailer. And feminism.

Seriously, after we ended the episode, we hung out for another hour discussing feminism and comic books and tv and movies and feminism. Its mostly Mark and Melissa arguing, but its pretty great.