16 – Voyage of the Damned Torchwood


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We’re 16! We can drive now! Like a new driver, this episode is all over the place as we talk about John Barrowman news, review the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned, then Torchwood Season 2, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sleeper, To the Last Man, Meat, and Adam. We go a little long, but stuck even more (an extra 20 mins or so) after the outro to talk about Fathers Day, PS4s, Battlefront, and digital comics. And extra Kylie Minogue.


Monkey noises from Plants vs Zombies. Nothing makes us that excited anymore, like that bubbles scene in Knocked Up.

John Barrowman news from Las Vegas Comic Con:

We start filming in July, Season Four I just finalized my deal about a week ago, Barrowman told an audience at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this weekend. Im very excited about going back, I cant tell you anything because I do know a bit about whats going to happen. But if you love Malcolm Merlyn, if you love Oliver Queen, if you love Thea Queen, if you love the Canary sisters, and I say that with a bit of a twist and a joke in it, youre going to love whats going to happen across the DC world.

Were kinda done with Ras al Ghul. Bring on whats him name? Oh yeah. . . HIVE guy. . . Damien Dahrk.

Voyage of the Damned trading out Billie Piper for Kylie Minogue and weeping angels for robot angels. Another Being Human sighting. Fails: talking about cyborg rights, body image and fat shaming. Maybe cocktail waitresses dont understand physics.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang We like James Marsters with a slight British accent. Woo hoo! Join us on our Smallville podcast. More backstory on Jack.

Sleeper Are we more than just our memories? America-centrism strikes Andy again! The experience of Brits with sleeper agents.

To the Last Man Poor Tosh. Crumpled paper wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. War? What is it good for? PTSD. Bravery vs. being executed for cowardice. What we expect of our soldiers today. Are humans worth it? Maybe not. Especially not all of us. We go off about Charleston. The eternal struggle against evil. The Fifth Element. Love wins.

Meat the space whale makes us sad. Good to bring Rhys in, but this still feels doomed. The tragedy but mercy and morality of euthanasia.

Adam twisting the sadness knife more, especially with Tosh. What makes us who we are and how much of that is our memories? Jacks memories. Owens memories. Core memories and Inside Out. Tosh still pining over Owen. Adam was totally a rapist.

Before we got down to the episode, we went on a long birdwalk about Fathers Day. The importance of being direct about what you want. How what we really want are PS4s. Drooling over Battlefront and FFVII. Theres too many shows, video games, movies! The value of being patient and being behind the curve.

Comic books: to digital or no? Marvel Unlimited. Longboxes take up too much room. Only picked up physical copies of a few Harley Quinn comics for sentimental reasons. Andy just wants Star Trek: TNG datapads thats essentially an iPad. Confession: Andy never read The Infinity War until a few years ago. He probably wont read Secret Wars until Christmas.

Enjoy the Kylie Minogue!

15 – Don’t Blink


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In this weeks episode we review Disney*Pixars Inside Out and the second half of Season 3 of Doctor Who.


We made it 15 weeks, longer than some relationships. Exes. Exes podcasts. Sense 8. It has Freema Agyeman, and shes better than she was as Martha Jones! Being burned by the Wachowskis. Mini review of Orange is the New Black.

The Lazarus Experiment science and whether we should do something even if we can. Martha did something clever! We love Mark Gatiss. Giant scorpion skeleton creature. Andys view of bad sci-fi effects based on Star Trek TNG episode Conspiracy:

We take a birdwalk to talk about Jurassic World. A plug for the Bored as Hell podcast. Mark is a wet blanket, Andy and Melissa liked the movie.

42 Andy thought this felt like a remix of previous episodes where things were done better. No one told me Daft Punk was in this episode. Danny Boyles Sunshine. Passing time in the show by noticing cell phones. Martha now has a Razr phone, so this is obviously 2007. Andy had the same Sony Ericsson Walkman phone Mrs. Jones used. It played mp3 ringtones! Does Sony still make phones? Yes they do. Sunshine has Captain America? This episode is far from being bad, unlike much of the rest of the season.

Human Nature/The Family of Blood Trying to say something about war, racism, sexism. . .fail, fail, fail, fail. Martha being a servant is so wrong on so many levels. Martha becomes Mammy. Davies tonedeafness on race and gender issues. Thomas Sangster we love him Ferb, Jojen Reed, Paul McCartney. Andy doesnt know what a warg is dont listen to him on Game on Thrones. Wedge! Why do we need the Doctor to fall in love with someone?

BLINK!!! This was not oversold. It couldnt have been. Not only the best Who, but one of the best hours of television of the last decade. Why its scary living in San Antonio with so many angel statues. Weeping Angel Funko Pop vinyl figures go on sale this week. Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff. Its like watching a great heist movie. Our second Trek: TNG reference: Picard and Guinan. Family Feud survey says: River Song. What is and isnt a spoiler.

Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords So much good, and so much bad. Its The Master! Derek Jacobi was great. You dont need a dumb monster to have a good episode. Were glad Martha got something to do. The Doctor gets all the credit, she did all the work. We get it that you love the Doctor, Martha. Voldemort baby Doctor. Why do we always make them maids!?!? The Flash Gordon ending. Marthas final speech radical self-respect, but only after 13 episode. We dont need the companion and the Doctor to fall in love. She shouldnt be the second best doctor. The Doctors aloofness is Russell T Davies misunderstanding that these things were all bad. How far weve come since 2007. One million SJW Doctor Who tumblrs. The old doctor looks like a melted Matt Smith candle, and in The Family of Blood he looked like Capaldi. 1963 Batman called.

Inside Out Andy cant stop singing the song from the short Lava. Mark thinks Pixar has kids in tubes and extract pure emotion from them. Andy thinks theyre just emotional geniuses. (PS- for those listening carefully and who remember the very beginning of the episode, around 1:20, Andy moves into his kitchen to start making spaghetti for his kids while continuing to record. Sure, its just putting noodles in boiling water, but sorry for the background noise.) This movie makes you feel like a kid again.

You know, we record this crazy thing via Google Hangout, and sometimes we have to take breaks and we talk about stuff that doesnt end up on the podcast. It does, however, end up on YouTube, and you can hear all about Melissas familys minor medical emergency, Andy and Mark talk about 90s music and how Andy got his iPod stolen, and stuff about making spaghetti.

14 – Rebound Companion


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This weeks episode we get through the first six episodes of Season 3, but we start with some news in the world of toys and video games!

Lego Dimensions theyre starting with Doctor Who! Youll be able to get a TARDIS and a Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor and a K-9.

The Runaway Bride another alien invasion? Get used to it. Its that Christmas present that turns out to be socks. Donna is great.

Smith and Jones A good introduction, but Andy wasnt blown away. Get used to that feeling. A big fight about Martha Jones. Mark and Melissa are basically the voices in Andys head about how he feels about the new companion.

The Shakespeare Code Andy loved the wordplay. Expelliarmus! We got Pop Shakespeare, not historical Shakespeare. People who dont want lady doctors. Why is Elizabeth so mad at The Doctor?

Gridlock Cat people again. The biology of kitten-babies. The episode doesnt make a lot of sense. But it has a lot of social commentary. Lots of Spot the Random British Actor. The bad guys turned out to be crab people?

Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks Spider-Man sighting! Pig people. WTF, British people? Why do you always turn people into pigs? Davies is writing the doctor badly. Bad American accents looking at you, Andrew Garfield. And I cant stand her. The Deus Ex Machina ending. The front tentacles are distracting! Why is he still in a pinstripe suit?

Andy is tuning out a lot more on these episodes. You didnt tell me there was going to be a letdown! Getting tired of Tennants schtick?

Next week? How far will Andy go in watching? Blink? All the way to the next season?

Andys new side project: BoredAsHellCast.com. Movie reviews! This week we celebrate PRIDE month and the Tony Awards talking about musicals and gay cinema. Andy saw Spy, Pitch Perfect 2, Love and Mercy, and Entourage. One of those movies sucks. Tune in to find out which one. (Spoiler alert: its Entourage.)

13 – Triskaidekaphobes vs Torchwood


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We finish off Season 1 of Torchwood with a marathon of great episodes! Uh-oh: unlucky number 13. Stay to the end to find out what tragedy befalls us. We need to try for gender equality next week. Martha Jones hate. Were all just mild about Rose.

Small Worlds Evil Fairies! This is a mea culpa for Fear Her.

Countrycide We see what u did thar. Andy couldnt stop singing Country House by Blur. Now that song will be in Melissas head all day. Monster of the week. Except it isnt. Compared to X-Files episode Our Town.

Greeks Bearings Gifts Each character gets their own episode, and this is Toshs. Would we use the locket? We feel bad for Tosh.

They Keep Killing Suzie Such an amazing episode. Indira Varma! Mastermind. Somethings out there and its stalking us.

Random Shoes this was the mea culpa for Love and Monsters. But there was no ELO. Eugenes dad was a dick.

Out of Time Starring Not Hayley Atwell. Amelia Earhart and the Bermuda Triangle. Owen gets heartbroken. Dealing with being out of your time. Captain Jacks indifference to death. People who travelled to the future: OF COURSE Andy talks about Futurama. The episode Jurassic Bark. Star Trek: TNG episode The Neutral Zone, Ripley in Aliens, McConaughey in Interstellar, (and Spider-Man?), Kimmy Schmidt.


Combat Fight club with Weevils! Written by Mickey!! How each team member is dealing with being broken.

Captain Jack Harkness He Don Drapered him! Will the real Jack Harkness please stand up? The bravery of having a gay moment, esp in the military, in 1941. Is that narcissism? Can we get an answer on The Face of Bo?

End of Days the team breaking up. The fight with Abadon is essentially the end of Ghostbusters. All of these episodes are about death and life.

Now Andy just really wants to watch a lot of Doctor Who.

Melissa just wishes Owen stayed gone. Hes a rapist. The fact that we forgot about rape is our 13th episode tragedy. We talk a lot about rape.