21 – Turn Left, Swipe Right for Donna


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We love Donna Noble, but we have to say goodbye to her. We cover S4, Ep 8-14 The Unicorn and the Wasp Silence in the Library Forest of the Dead Midnight Turn Left The Stolen Earth Journeys End.

Sorry for the delay in this episode. Andys work and some audio problems presented problems. Also, busy-ness due to the Bored as Hell podcast.

The Unicorn and the Wasp Agatha Christie! Nice callbacks, Donna. Andy doesnt know Poirot.

Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead Hello Sweetie! Shadows, Who turned out the lights? = new nightmare fuel. Moffat. One kind deed.

Midnight Andy fell asleep. Its cool because its Lord of the Flies, Nightmare at 20,000 feet. Is there another monster like this?

Turn Left This combines two of Andys favorite things: Donna Noble and Its a Wonderful Life. And Rose is Clarence. The Doctor-Clone is off-brand Oreos (Hill Country Fare explanation). Bad Wolf.

The Stolen Earth/ Journeys End. Fun with Periscope. Tears were shed, swears were said. Davros. The Doctor Who farewell tour/ This is Your Life. Regeneration. Just when it got interesting, they erase them. Donnas fate is the worst.

The Amy Schumer GQ Star Wars photoshoot. Dad freaks out over Slave Leia toy.

20 – Pulling a Marco


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We recorded a second episode this week because theres too much to talk about!! Other stuff we saw at Comic-Con, The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, and The Doctors Daughter. Doing a double podcast will hereafter be referred to as Pulling a Marco.


Comic-Con: What cons weve been to. Andys first San Diego Comic-Con. Its kind of a hassle, and we get to see things an hour later on the internet. Disney moving their stuff to D23.

Star Wars: theyre using sets. Ackbar mask. Lupita Nyongo as a CG character. Making it work for the fans. The free concert mic drop.

Batman v Superman: dealing with the consequences of Man of Steel. That line from Ma Kent. We dont understand Affleck-hate. Loving Alfred. Wonder Womans armor and her body type.

Deadpool, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad, Shanarra tv show on MTV, excessive boobage, Conan OBrien

We start talking Doctor Who at 57 minutes in. 57 minutes?!?!? We’re sorry.

The Sontaran Strategy/The Poison Sky Dont trust nerds. Sontarans arent scary, but they are relentless. When science fiction warns about technology. Googles self-driving cars. Were so busy talking about cars we forgot about Martha. Marthas a badass.

The Doctors Daughter that ending, tho. Galifreyan master race overtones. Generational conflict. Jennys regeneration. Maybe its Maisie Williams.

19 – The Fires of Comic-Con


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Everything we learned about Doctor Who from Comic-Con and Episodes 2-4 of Season 4, Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii, Planet of the Ood.


Season 9 Trailer Who is Maisie Williams playing? Peter Capaldi has even more potential. Moffat tries to tie in to previous seasons?

Should the Doctor regenerate as a female? The great debate. Continuity. Race-swapping vs. gender-swapping. Privilege. How Andy thinks we could get a female Doctor but shes not the same as The Doctor. Not a female doctor until Moffat leaves, please. Hayley Atwell. Helena Bonham Carter.

Lego Dimensions Trailer How awesome is this? Voice talent. Batman. DARKNESS- NO PARENTS! Doc Brown. Homer Simpson. We need PS4s.

Partners in Crime: We love Donna Noble. Is she romantically into the Doctor? Adipose babies are the cutest! Andy needs a dozen or so of those at least.

Fires of Pompeii: Its Volcano Day. Peter Capaldi alert, Karen Gillan alert, and Andy totally missed it. Almost missed the Rose sighting, too. Why the Doctor needs a companion. Whos to say whats a fixed point? We havent seen how saving this family plays out maybe Season 9? Killing aliens with squirt guns.

Planet of the Ood: The ethics of having slaves even if they want to be slaves. Rule 42 with the Ood. The song of the Ood. Donna cries. We cry too. Jokes on you, corporate guy!

Well be back with our second Comic-Con episode soon, along with 3 more Who episodes.

We close with Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

18 – Torchwood: Genisys


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We start by talking about sports (mostly before the podcast starts)- our quiz results on Are you more Star Wars or Star Trek were wrong. We spoil the hell out of Terminator: Genysis. Fast forward to 45:30 to get past it.

The time travel in this movie makes no sense. We discuss Back to the Future, About Time and Outlander while discussing time travel rules. Its Matthew Smith, not Matt Smith, if you please. Arnold > Jai Courtney > Jason Smith. We complain a lot, but actually like this movie ok. A lot of potential, it just doesnt always makes sense.

Out of the Rain you cant go wrong with carnies. There arent recurring villains in Torchwood like Daleks. . .could we bring back the carnies?

What is Russell T Davies even doing? Give us more Torchwood! Why Miracle Day was bad.

Adrift The ethics of whether people should know or not. What are things we shouldnt know? We bring back Andy!

Fragments/Exit Wounds Captain Jack Hart is back. Rhys gets to come back as a quasi member. Everyones stories of how they came in to Torchwood. Tears for Tosh, not for Owen. Grey is a dick. The power of love â„¢Jesus or Huey Lewis?

Penny Dreadful are you watching the Womens World Cup or this finale?

If you want 20 extra minutes of sports talk, watch the youtube version to hear us talk about the San Antonio Spurs, football, fantasy sports, etc.

17 – Death and Taxes? and Torchwood and a Wedding

This week we get through Episodes 6 -9 of Season 2 of Torchwood, Reset, Dead Man Walking, A Day in the Death, Something Borrowed.


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Were bad Americans- 4th of July plans. But first, some Doctor Who news:

River Song is going to be on a Doctor Who radio drama with Paul McGanns 8th Doctor. Andy is totally confused. Not sure how this is going to work out.

Who brought up Shia LeBeouf as Doctor Who? Its always Andy who does the annoying things.

Walking on Sunshine. Shiny Happy People. Mark would rather listen to Locomotion. Bananarama. Pre-judging Terminator: Genesys.

Reset The return of Martha. Not mentioning The Doctor. UNIT! Owen is a terrible doctor. Does Owen deserve a second chance? Experimentation on humans and ethics. Consent. Nazis. Henrietta Lacks. Theres no consent for the aliens.

Dead Man Walking / A Day in the Death Owen shouldve stayed dead. Jack cant let go. The montage of emptying his fridge. . . until they did a callback to the pheromones. Melissa breaks the m-f barrier. Shouldnt he keep the toothpaste? Upside down puking is not cool. Is Owen redeemed? Melissa cant forgive rape or Doctor Who Season 3s treatment of Martha. What the heck was that pulse thing? Melissa doesnt know about Pixels. Adam Sandler hasnt made Andy laugh in 10 years.

Something Borrowed Whyd they have to wreck Gwens wedding? Did we need to hate Rhyss mom? Ret-con wedding! Jack has a thing for everybody.

Next week is going to be emotional.

And because they used it as fun science montage with Owen and Martha, heres Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz. (Were always using Blur and Gorillaz!)