25 – Big Bang Baby


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We talk rumours. We talk Part 2 of Season 5 of Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol

Rumors: The woman covering her face is definitely the Doctors mother. Who is Maisie Williams? Hayley Atwell wants to be The Doctor.

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood We told you fracking is dangerous! Lizard people. Amy and Rory waving cop out? Misdirection? Reassurance? Just like Iran. Just like Guantanamo. Feeling bad about humanity. Americans are the worst. So are the British.

Vincent and the Doctor This is where Andy got hooked. The monster of the week didnt matter. Dealing with depression and mental illness. Andy knows nothing about art. That actor who played Vincent. Robin Williams. The beautiful metaphor of the krayfayis monster. The sadness and beauty that The Doctor and Amy didnt extend Vincents life any more. Bill Nighy does so much with so little.

The Lodger Andy loves James Corden so much that he keeps mispronouncing his name. Begin Again. The Doctor builds wacky machines. A fun love story. We needed a breath in between these episodes.

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang Awesome episodes. Tonally so different despite being the same story. Peak River Song. Why Amy Pond is the most important companion ever.

A Christmas Carol Halfway through the dark. Dumbledore should always be Scrooge. What kind of kink are Amy and Rory up to? Screwdriver Jaws.

24 – Family Day!


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We invite Andy and Marks daughters on to discuss the 11th Doctor, and Season 5, Ep 1-7: The Eleventh Hour,The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, and Amys Choice.


The Eleventh Hour fish fingers and custard. Apples are rubbish. Whats a Kiss-a-gram? Raggedy Doctor.

The Beast Below What if schools were actually like this? Moral conundrums. Andys daughter is just like Amy Pond.

Victory of the Daleks Yay for WWII! We demand pink daleks.

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone Hello Sweetie! So scary. Why Amy is a different kind of companion. This was Andys first (partial) Doctor Who episode ever. (Flashback to Episode 3: A Confession Reports of My Virginhood May Have Been Exaggerated) The Crack. Moffat doesnt write women.

The Vampires of Venice Amy just goes for it. We love Rory maybe more than Amy. Dont put your bad decisions on The Doctor, fish lady!

Amys Choice Toby Jones! Rory with a ponytail mullet! Was this intentional? Domestic life vs. Space and time travel.

Tom Bakers gonna be in Star Wars!

Simon Peggs in Star Wars, but should he be? Mark doesnt respect Simon Pegg because he disrespects nerds and disrespected Lucas and the prequels. Nerd hipsters. Prequel hate.

23 – Straight Outta Cardiff


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Nobody likes you when youre 23. We review Fantastic Four, Shaun the Sheep, and Torchwood Season 3 Children of Earth

Straight Outta Brownsville? Provo? Cardiff? We offend England, Wales, and Austria.

Doctor Who news David Tennant and Russell T Davies seen in Cardiff.

Fantastic Four review Josh Trank. Family dynamics. This felt like a movie similar to but not exactly the Fantastic Four.

Shaun the Sheep Everything Fantastic Four got wrong, Shaun the Sheep gets right. This movie makes you feel good.

Torchwood Children of Earth: Children doing anything in unison is freaky. Melissa is happy its Owen-free. Who watches the Watchmen. The racial undertones. Four shots. Incompetent, junkie aliens. Jacks sacrifice. Pour one out for Ianto. Way to go soccer hooligans and Officer Andy. This is one of the best sci-fi tv seasons of all time. Is the Doctor Jesus? Or a bungler?

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22 – The End of Time and Tennant


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We talk the Doctor Who specials that appeared between Seasons Four and Five: The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars, and The End of Time. And we say goodbye to David Tennant. . .


The return of sports talk. Andy had a dream about Jimmer Fredette and Mark.

The Next Doctor For shame on Andy not recognizing The Governor right away! Such confusion! TARDIS = Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style.

Planet of the Dead Not bad for a one-off companion! But the episode was crap. Literally. The sand. It got in my hair!!!

The Waters of Mars The Doctor turns into a little bitch. Captain Brooke, tho. Why dont you like my David Bowie references?

The End of Time. Timothy Dalton. Cool to see Gallifrey. The Master is kinda hammy. The last hurrah. . . again? Donnas gonna win the lottery! Grandpa Wilf! The timelord lady who kept her eyes closed. Still not a ginger vs. Im a woman!

In Memoriam for David Tennant: Lets all say one nice thing about Tennant. Andy insults Tom Baker.