33 – The Episode Who Lived


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We review The Girl Who Lived and Season 8 episodes Time Heist and The Caretaker.

The Girl Who Lived That Maisie Williams. Shes gonna win the BAFTA version of an Emmy for this. The curse of immortality. Awesome. Sam Swift. Andy is inconsistent with Robin Hood. The writer wrote some of our favorite Torchwood episodes. Swipe left for fire-breathing lion creatures.

Time Heist Andy is frustrated because its a deconstruction of a heist movie; Mark is frustrated with Andy because he points out thats exactly what makes this brilliant. Our dopplegangers. Cloning and ethics. Robot ethics. Sex robots. How did we end up talking about sex robots?!?!

The Caretaker The Doctor is  so mean to Danny Pink! This is really about Clara balancing her life with The Doctor. Soldiers. What this maybe tells us about Class.

32 – Caecilius’s Face Awakens Halftime Trailer

We discuss the new Star Wars trailer, New Season 9 Ep 5 The Girl Who Died, also S8 Ep 4, Listen. We only discuss three things, and somehow this is still 1:45 long. Were terrible.


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Dat Star Wars Trailer, tho. Were totally distracted by it. Cant even remember Doctor Who. Everyones theory. Andys grand unified theory that this is A New Hope redux and Luke is Sir Not Appearing in this Film

The Girl Who Died (starts about 22:00 in) Maisie Williams! Monty Python references! This Doctor DGAF about other people living or dying. Why Caeciliuss face?

Listen (starts about 49:30) This is everyones favorite episode of the season. And then we proceed to bitch about it for an hour. MAJOR discussion of sexism and The Doctor criticizing Claras appearance in every episode starting at 52:00. Youve been warned. At 1:05, Andy admits hes a little bit racist and sexist.  Andy calls Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek sexist. At 1:11:30, Andy says he belongs to a racist, sexist church. Mark calls all Christian faiths sexist. Were done offending everyone and each other at 1:13:30.

Time travel paradoxes in Listen. Clara is reckless and a time travel junkie. We decide to talk about the next episodes next week, because UGH.

31 – The Bootstrap Berenstain Capaldi Paradox


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This week we review the new Season 9, Episode 4, Before the Flood, discuss time travel paradoxes and 5 more years of Moffat, then we go back to Season 8 to discuss Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood.

Classic Who on BBC America. Rebooting old tv shows.

5 more years of Moffat. Andy might have ODd on Moffat and Moffat hate. He’ll give you a wet willie in the middle of your awesome meal. He’s Dumbledore. The sonic sunglasses. Misdirection. Rock n Roll Capaldi.

Before the Flood Bootstrap paradox. Beethoven. The Doctors ethics. . . or lack thereof. The Fisher King. Whos scarier? Peter Serafinowicz. Slipknot. The Berenstain Bears paradox.

Deep Breath Why the regeneration disorientation? This got silly, then it got way more interesting. The broom.

Into the Dalek Am I a good man? You wouldve made a good Dalek. Good vs Evil. Letting people die.

Robot of Sherwood Am I a good episode? Andy liked this much more.

30 – Name, Day, Time


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Audio October 9, 2015 WhoVirgin
We discuss the new Season 9 episode Under the Lake and the end of the Matt Smith era with The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor .


We talk around The Martian, Ridley Scott, Sicario, Emily Blunt, Captain Phasma, Star Wars, Scorch Trials poster.

New Who spinoff series: Class. Who is Patrick Ness? Marks experience as a teen/youth librarian really pays off.

Under the Lake theres ghosts! Mark tries to (badly) explain the cards. A cliffhanger!


How fans feel about Clara.

The Name of the Doctor The conference call. We actually feel about the Doctor and River. Moffats messing with us about the Doctors name. What is his name? Bob. Malachi Sassypants. Osswippe. Do you want to see your own grave? And introducing John Hurt. . .

The Day of the Doctor Smith and Tennant. Why Queen Elizabeth hates the Doctor so much. And John Hurt. Return of the Big Red Button and Rose. We wish Eccleston had been in this. Seeing all 13 doctors. Paul McGann. Tom Baker.

The Time of the Doctor started off cool, ended badly. Matt Smith deserved a better sendoff. Andy is a fangirl.