37 – No. Seriously. FEAR the Raven!


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We review Season 9, Episode 10 Face the Raven and also Marvels Jessica Jones. SPOILERS. Do not listen if you havent watched yet.

Andys sick. What if we became zombies. Blaming Mexicans. Melissas changing her name. Andys a transplant. Enough banter!

We were not ready for this. Thought this was another throwaway episode. Clara trying to be The Doctor and she is more reckless and more fragile. Unintended consequences and fixed points. The Dark Doctor and his anger. He created two people like him in Clara and Ashildir.

Were the special effects skimped on? The evolution and growing up of the show. Is this still appropriate for kids?

Speculation about what might be coming next week.

Speaking of David Tennant:

Spoiler-free  review of Jessica Jones. Tennant is sooooo creepy and so perfect. Female-led superhero shows.

What were thankful for in terms of nerddom. Andy is always thankful for Alias and Jessica Jones and Brian Michael Bendis for bringing him back to comic books.

36 – Moffat Does Murder Sleep


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We review the newest episode from Season 9, Sleep No More, go back for a second helping of The Zygon Inversion in light of the attacks on Paris, Beirut, Syrian refugees, etc. Then we finally finish off Season 8 with Dark Water/Death in Heaven.

Were totally turning into this skid. Were depressed. Deal with it. So Sleep No More was not a great episode. Found Footage Follies. Moco Monsters. We expect more from Mark Gatiss. Should this have been a two-parter? The pacing felt off it ended totally abruptly.

Melissa didnt like The Zygon Inversion as much as we did. WTF IS WRONG WITH HER?!?! Religion. Fandom. Tribalism.  Cant we all just get along? Repeat to yourself its just a show, I should really just relax.

Dark Water/Death in Heaven this is all about Danny Pink. Our cremation plans. The Brigadier General gets his salute.

How does Andy feel now that hes done with new Who? Is he a fan? And more questions.

35 – The name is Osgood. Petronella Osgood.


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This week we review The Zygon Inversion. And then we talk about James Bond and SPECTRE. Seriously. A lot of Bond.

Sonic sunglasses are like Boba Fetts helmet. Dont check the browser history. We want Google Glass in contact lens form.  Terrorism and war. That speech by Capaldi. His 5th gear finally showed up. The West Wing. He channels the three previous Doctors.  Mexicans and Muslims. Refugees. Cumberbatch.

Star Wars international trailer. Lupita Nyongo as Mas Amedda. Those eyes.

Confirmed by Moffat were getting a full season next year, Capaldi is coming back, Clara will not be back.

How to solve the Middle East conflict: Thunderdome vs. Theme Park. Mutual respect. Pluralism. American politics. How this episode comforts Andy dealing with this. JUST TALK.

We talk for 40 minutes about SPECTRE.

34 – Truth or Consequences


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This week we discuss the Season 9 episode The Zygon Invasion and Season 8 episodes Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, Flatlines and In the Forest of the Night.

The Zygon Invasion Of course this is an allegory about racism and terrorism. We love Osgood. Whats in the box? What about Clara? We argue about Bane and Dark Knight Rises.

Kill the Moon Damn Mexicans. Clara plays The Doctor. . .  and ignores how humans vote.

Mummy on the Orient Express More like an episode of Scooby Doo.  Flashbacks to the Titanic episode.

Shortest reviews ever of Flatlines and In the Forest of the Night. Spoilers. Star Wars. James Bond.