42 – We’re Going to Need a Bigger Flowchart


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We review the Christmas special The Husbands of River Song and do our lists of the best things of 2015.  Mary Poppins. Musicals.

River is definitely a Space Mormon. The writers room needed a Red Team. We needed to see carolers criticized. Melissa doesnt believe carolers exist. That restaurant. Somebodys gonna get pregnant. Rivers diary.

Melissas Top 10

10. Transparent (and a long discussion about Caitlyn Jenner)
9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
8. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
7.  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
6. Inside Out
5. Daredevil
4. Jessica Jones
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Rectify
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Andys Top 10 (w honorable mention)

Rick and Morty (hon mention)
10.  Shaun the Sheep
9. Inside Out
8. The Martian
7. Doctor Who
6. Trumbo
5. Bridge of Spies
4. Ex Machina
3. Daredevil
2. Mad Max: Fury Road
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Marks Top 5 by category:

5. SPECTRE / Trainwreck
4.  The Martian
3. Ex Machina
2. Mad Max: Fury Road
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

TV: (in no particular order)
5. Fresh Off the Boat
4. Blackish
3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
2. Jessica Jones
1. Daredevil

5. Yes Please
4. Not My Fathers Son
3.  Golden Sun
2.  Saga
1. Rat Queens

The rest of our lists:

The rest of Andys Top 40 and Bottom 10

11 Rick and Morty
12 The Big Short
13 The H8tful Eight
14 Straight Outta Compton
15 Sleeping With Other People
16 Spotlight
17 Steve Jobs
18 Kingsman: The Secret Service
19 Telltale Games Minecraft Story Mode, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones
20 South Park
21 Agent Carter
22 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
23 Parks and Recreation
24 Lego Dimensions / Lego Jurassic World
25 Me, Earl and the Dying Girl
26 Love & Mercy
27 The Good Dinosaur
28 The Flash
29 Southpaw
30 Crimson Peak
31 Spy
32 iZombie
33 Star Wars: Rebels
34 Trainwreck
35 Jessica Jones
36 Ant-Man
37 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. / SPECTRE
38 Creed
39 Fresh Off the Boat / Blackish
40 Tomorrowland

Bottom 10

  1. Pixels/The Ridiculous Six/The Cobbler
  2. The Reality TV show that our politics have become: Worst Actors Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. (seriously, this is the worst thing Ive watched on TV all year)
  3. Jupiter Ascending
  4. Home
  5. Unfinished Business
  6. American Sniper
  7. Fantastic Four
  8. Entourage
  9. Hitman: Agent 47
  10. Heroes: Reborn

41 – Merry Christmas, Star Wars!


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My kids werent angels at The Drafthouse, but the guy who shooshed them was more of a jerk. Christmas episodes and SPOILERS! MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Star Wars.
Star Wars. All the spoilers. Just dont listen if you havent watched yet.

Our favorite Christmas episodes. We all independently settled on A Christmas Carol. Some love for The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe, Runaway Bride (because we <3 Donna), and The Next Doctor but also some complaints. Least favorites: Last Christmas. Spinning Christmas Trees. Mom worship.

40 – Speculation Nation


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This is literally just us speculating about Doctor Who and Star Wars for an hour. Theyre not spoilers unless were right. We might be right, so they might be spoilers. If youre anti-spoiler, dont listen!

Season 10: New companion. Man or woman? Grumpy old men in space. Story arcs.  Teaming up with old Doctors. We need Eccleston back.

At minute 30 we start talking about feminism again.  Youve been warned.

But at 34:30 we start talking about Star Wars.  Real fans dont spoil it.  Parallels to A New Hope. Joseph Campbell. The Jedi forgot the true meaning of Christmas the Force.  Darth Plageius. Lukes posse. Rebels crossovers.

Christmas Episode: The Husbands of River Song Is River a future reverse Mormon now? Robots?

39 – The Long Way Around


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We review the Season 10 finale Hell Bent. OMG, all the feels!

Settling the controversy: you can regenerate as any gender.

Whos the Hybrid? Its a macguffin!

Sonic screwdriver porn. Classic Who TARDIS.

Forgetting Clara Oswald. Does he remember all the other versions, like Oswin?

We want a season of Ashildr + Clara on crazy space adventures! Our pitches for the BBC.

What are we going to do with the podcast? Next week: ALL SPECULATION!

38 – Bird is the Word


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We review Season 9, E11 Heaven Sent. What an episode! Have there been any other episodes of tv like this with just one person the entire episode? Peter Capaldi puts on an acting clinic every week.

The Dalek-Timelord hybrid. Is The Doctor half-human? Am I a good man? Or just a Good Dalek?

Hell is heaven for bad people. Purgatory. Dantes Inferno and Greek Hell. The Valeyard.

Moffat at his best. Grimms fairy tales. Do You Hear What I Hear? The Doctors regenerative energy.

Is the Time War back? Wrapping the season up in a bow. Is this the greatest season of any sci fi show ever? Is war as inevitable as it is futile and wrong?

Speculation fever: Star Wars vs Doctor Who season finale. We live in a geek golden age. Weaving old Who into new Who. 50 years of loyalty nah, 9 months here.

If the Doctors a hybrid and Rivers a hybrid. . . what does that mean?

More Jessica Jones. Killgrave in real life: MRAs, cult leaders, Christian Grey. That Civil War trailer. What Andy would do with Killgraves powers.