47 – Hasta la Vista, Torchwood


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We say goodbye to Gwen Cooper and the idea that well ever get more Torchwood and talk about the career of John Hurt, both before and after playing The War Doctor, and 11.22.63 and time travel.


Theres not a lot of post-Who John Hurt. Hercules: pickin up a paycheck. Snowpiercer. Tailor-made for Andy. Mark wants to know the logistics of the train. MST3K. V for Vendetta brilliant getting the guy from 1984 to be the big bad guy.  Andys crazy idea for a 1984 remake, but Hurt will always be Winston Smith. Hellboy. The Elephant Man. Spaceballs no, Alien but, actually Spaceballs. History of the World. Why hes so brilliant as The War Doctor. The Boba Fett conundrum. We want to see Hurt, Capaldi and Eccleston work together.

Eve Myles calls it quits on Gwen Cooper. We did notice when we lost Melissa for a minute. Could we even bring back Torchwood? Basing our assumptions on a tweet. Signs Point to No. Eve Myles- Broadchurch Season 2 cannot unsee!

11.22.63 Trying to go back in time to prevent the JFK assassination. Time pushes back. Franco is surprisingly good. Chris Cooper maniacal laugh! How many near death experiences is he going to have? Rules for time travel. Mark hasnt read it yet. Andy knows the ending but didnt read because a friend explained the ending. Mark left his wibbly-wobbly at home.

Take that, Vandal Savage! Next week: Eccleston and Bryan Fullers Star Trek.

46 – Presidents’ Day Grab Bag!


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Not much Who news, so were all over the place.

Alamo City Comic Con is going to get Billie Piper and Karen Gillan, so we are going to be there. Andy and Marks upcoming adventures at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience. Getting pictures with Matt Smith and Alex Kingston.

Why cant Austin have a good Comic Con? SXSW. Why does Austin suck so bad? We love Austin, but. . . brogrammers, bourgeois geeks vs grassroots geeks.  Running an out of state Deadpool review from someone who doesnt even Deadpool.

AMCs Preacher at SXSW. We should be watching Rectify. Black Mirror. Mister Robot. Legends of Tomorrow.

Hayley Atwell is going to be on ABCs Conviction. What does that mean for Agent Carter. They say theyll work it out. Too many procedurals. Will she have an American accent?

Everyone should have British accents, or bring back the Mid-Atlantic accent. Hail, Caesar!

Next week: AfterWho John Hurt Edition. Well then go through each Doctor and companion chronologically.

45 – Donna Noble for Doctor


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We discuss fan-casting of Catherine Tate as the next Doctor, Lego Dimensions, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Deadpool, Hail, Caesar! Sir Steven Moffat, Capaldi visits Syrian refugees in Jordan

Super Bowl predictions and preparations. We just dont care, really.

We love Donna. If shes the next Doctor, then The Fires of Pompeii becomes one of the most important episodes ever and the ultimate fixed point in time.

Lego Dimension and all the Doctors including Doctor Venkman?

Movie reviews! Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Deadpool, Hail, Caesar!

Thats Sir Moffat now. Was Alan Rickman knighted?

Capaldi in Jordan. Pratt and Evans hospital visits in costume.

Mark caught up on Gotham. He approves.  Agent Carter! Why are the ratings not good? How is it connected to the rest of the universe. Feminism. Racial equality. Why we love Anna Jarvis. The girls never get catty. Women are essential. The Bletchley Circle. Hedy Lamarr.