52 – FanX Ultimate Who Xperience


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We are at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience where it is Ultimate Who time! All of our (ok, pretty much just Marks) experiences with meeting Doctors, River, and more!

Mark started the con with Peter Davison, who literally had the first panel! Karma in killing off companions. Sylvester McCoy did his panel from the floor, theater-in-the-round style! Hobbit/Lord of the Rings stories. Matt Smith and Alex Kingston! Matt tells a dirty joke.

And more! Have a listen!

51 – We Loved Selfie


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We talk about leaf blowers, a possible new companion for The Doctor, and a retrospective on Karen Gillans post-Who career.

Karen Gillan. Guardians of the Galaxy. Selfie. Why no love for John Cho? Star Trek.  In a Valley of Violence.

New companions? Genders. Non-gendered? A person of color. A Muslim. Britain First. Just something different. Dont do it to be political, but the casting will be political in its implications.

50 – A Very Matt Smith Anniversary


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Its the anniversary of our first show!  We talk some Doctor Who News and then continue talking about the post-Who career of Matt Smith.
Capaldi has been asked to stick around for another year. Good idea or bad idea?

Bryan Blessed wants to be The Doctor. Mark and Andy do Bryan Blessed impressions. Mostly Boss Nass. Why that would be dumb to bring into Doctor Who. Easter Eggs vs. Fanservice.

Matt Smiths post-Doctor career. Party Animals. Has anyone actually seen Lost River? Terminator: Genisys not Matthew Smiths fault. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The Lake Silencio version. What would we fan-cast Matt Smith as? The Flash, Marvel, definitely a villain, maybe a tv show?

Andy and Marks adventures at Salt Lake Comic Con: Fan Xperience. You can see the panels Andy is on here.  

Our anniversary. Why Andy built diversity into the podcast from the start. Why its not the same without Mark and Melissa.

49 – The Decoy Tennant


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We talk about the Ghostbusters trailer, Maisie Williams news, David Tennants post-Who career

Maisie Williams not coming back. Doctor Hugh?  We all agree about something!

David Tennant  The Decoy Bride. Voice-over and cartoon work. The Clone Wars. Broadchurch. AKA Jessica Jones. The Politicians Wife.

Bryan Fuller is taking over Star Trek. We finally talk about it. Mark doesnt like him because Voyager. Andy and Melissa love him because Pushing Daisies and Hannibal. The CBS streaming app.

Ghostbusters trailer. Sexism. Tokenism. Zoe Saldana. Nina Simone and blackface. White people all look the same. Pale Mexicans. Prioritizing our outrage.

48 – There’s a TARDIS at the Salt Lick!


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Were joined by Andy’s sister Kate to discuss Christopher Eccleston, The Beatles, Amazon Prime, and Deadpool. We had barbecue with The Doctor!!!

Christopher Eccleston Heroes. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Thor: The Dark World. Lennon Naked. More Beatles talk.

Deadpool Its a parody, not a real comic book movie. Van Wilder. Can Deadpool cross over to other movies? James Marsters vs James Marsden. Frat boy humor. TJ Miller. Shes Out of My League.

Everyones homework is to watch The Decoy Bride. And wear purple.

Doctor Who comes back to streaming thanks to Amazon Prime.  Why Prime is worth it. Cosplay supplies. Scotch tape.