44 – Goodbye Streaming Rights


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We discuss the exit from all streaming media of Doctor Who and what thats so tragic, along with Jenna Louise Colemans new Queen Victoria drama, Tennant doing Shakespeare, and Legends of Tomorrow.


Doctor Who. . .  gone from Netflix and Hulu. Why?!? Why this is a bad idea. BBCs app. Why the app is a bad idea.  No no no. Just no. Andy pulls out his soapbox and get political.

Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria. Freaky Victoria yes, boring Victorian era no. Downton Abbeys sexy times. Bad rape!

David Tennant hosting Shakespeare festival celebrating 400 years since his death. Cumberbatch in Hamlet. East End vs West End of London. Andys an idiot. Was there a Richard V? No, Henry V. Fassbender as Macbeth. Coriolanus. Andys better Harry Potter movie.  The Chimes at Midnight.

Legends of Tomorrow is basically Americas Doctor Who. Rory vs Mick Rory. Differing views of Wentworth Miller.