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2 – Guardians of the Healthcare Debate

Listening to this podcast is a pre-existing condition. San Antonio Mayor’s race. Bond issues (as in school, parks and library funding, not James).  Texas “Show Us Your Papers” law. Dallas police shooting. Standardized testing. Chrissy Snow. German exchange teachers. We finally talk about health care. Religion. Old Testament vs. New Testament. Sexism. Replace all GOP Senators with women. Gerrymandering and the Freedom Caucus. Madison and Hamilton and The Federalist Papers. Guardians of the Galaxy. No Spoilers. Gatekeeping —  it’s ok to not see it opening weekend.


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1 – 100 Days


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We’re back, baby! We feel like <<dermo>>. Andy welcomes our new Russian overlords. We run the first joke of the podcast into the ground.  Are we feeling any better? Not really. But rallies give us hope. Let’s see it change things at the ballot box. The San Antonio Mayor’s race.

Comedians vs. the media. Fake news. The media applauding airstrikes on Syria. Bill O’Reilly can go to hell. Props to Shep Smith. Newspapers are getting the job done. Dan Rather. Texas Tribune.

The Handmaid’s Tale.  Enjoy is not the right word. Mark can’t enjoy anything anymore because of things like Texas’s “sanctuary cities” bill. We have high hopes that Guardians of the Galaxy will fix that. Concerns about Wonder Woman and if DC is fully supporting it.


64 – The Regeneration of Who Virgin

The final episode of Who Virgin. Trump wounded us like a nihilistic Dalek, and so we’re taking on a new form… lots of talk about resisting. Podcast name ideas.  Damn the Torpedoes. Andy and Mark sing Tom Petty. Peter Capaldi and who we want to see as the 13th Doctor.


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56 – Penny Dreadful


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We finish up our salute to companions post-Who careers discussing Billie Piper and mostly her time on Penny Dreadful. Also, David Tennant drops by Stephen Colbert.

First we apologize for the technical difficulties on this episode. We lost about 90% of Melissa and the rest of what we got was really garbled. This also delayed the episode a huge deal as Andy tried several fixes and workarounds but mostly it just ended up an editing nightmare.

Basically the last two weeks have just been tricking Andy into watching Who-themed porn. Secret Life of a Call Girl. Billie Piper is now typecast as a ho.

Penny Dreadful is a great show. Why that accent? WHY?!?! Yes, its that bad. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: replace one James Bond with another.

Tennant on Colbert plays Whos on First. Cumberbatch.

Next week: Daleks!