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16 – Trailers Trump

We start with running down the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Justice League trailers. Agreements about Porgs, Kylo and Rey, disagreements about Ezra Miller, and Mark mansplains The Flash. A long discussion about the Alamo Drafthouse, sexual harassment, Harvey Weinstein, second chances. Then we start talking about serious stuff. Puerto Rico. Bob Corker. Rex Tillerson.


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4 – WOMEN ONLY episode

Ugly American in Chief was overseas this week, and it was so embarrassing. One fight: live together, die alone. White guys committing acts of terrorism. Praise for Walmart? Jared Kushner and Russia. Putin is Baron Zemo. Alamo Drafthouse and women-only screenings. The pie. San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor. Mark’s all-male Top Gun screening. Baywatch.


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