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20 – Al Franken, Justice League, and Coco

We talk for 40 minutes about Al Franken. We are conflicted. Should he resign or not? Melissa brings perspective from Kate Harding in The Washington Post:  I’m a feminist. I study rape culture. And I don’t want Al Franken to resign. And then we talk about Justice League. [WARNING: some spoilers] We loved it but Andy and Melissa have some complaints. Superman IICoco. Andy missed his screening because of Mike Pence!!! Mark’s personal story is why Pixar is amazing. Pixar makes us cry.


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19 – This Week in Sexual Assault

We spend the first 2/3 of the episode discussing sexual harassment and pedophilia. Roy Moore. Last week’s elections give us hope. Louis CK. George Takei. Justice League. Brett Ratner, Steve Mnuchin.  Rian Johnson will make a new Star Wars trilogy! Not letting Mark Hamill spoil Star Wars.


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16 – Trailers Trump

We start with running down the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Justice League trailers. Agreements about Porgs, Kylo and Rey, disagreements about Ezra Miller, and Mark mansplains The Flash. A long discussion about the Alamo Drafthouse, sexual harassment, Harvey Weinstein, second chances. Then we start talking about serious stuff. Puerto Rico. Bob Corker. Rex Tillerson.


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