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17 – Reclaiming My Time Pt 1: Coco, Ragnarok, Discovery

We’re back with a supersized episode so giant, it had to be split in two parts! First up, the pop culture part! Melissa saw Coco and it’s amazing! Andy and Mark saw Thor: Ragnarok and loved it, too! And then a long discussion on the ethics of Star Trek: Discovery . Also the ethics of paying for CBS: All Access. Anthony Rapp, Kevin Spacey, and the culture of Hollywood and sexual assault.


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13 – Harvey Danger

We’re preparing to get hit by Hurricane Harvey but all we can think about is Game of Thrones! Thoros of Myr, ice dragons– called it! Why Littlefinger has to go. Deathpool points grubbing. Mark thinks Cersei is dead?!?! The Defenders. We don’t have a lot to say. Joss Whedon. We talk Joss Whedon for a LOONG time. Is he a feminist? James Cameron.


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Deathpool update! Mark and Melissa both get a point for picking Thoros of Myr.

Current standings:
Mark:  3
Melissa: 2.5
Andy: 0

This week’s picks:
Andy: Jeff Sessions, Littlefinger
Mark: Stephen “Dickon” Miller, Cersei
Melissa: Gen. Kelly,  Littlefinger

This week’s closing music from Machines of Loving Grace – Butterfly Wings.


2 – Guardians of the Healthcare Debate

Listening to this podcast is a pre-existing condition. San Antonio Mayor’s race. Bond issues (as in school, parks and library funding, not James).  Texas “Show Us Your Papers” law. Dallas police shooting. Standardized testing. Chrissy Snow. German exchange teachers. We finally talk about health care. Religion. Old Testament vs. New Testament. Sexism. Replace all GOP Senators with women. Gerrymandering and the Freedom Caucus. Madison and Hamilton and The Federalist Papers. Guardians of the Galaxy. No Spoilers. Gatekeeping —  it’s ok to not see it opening weekend.


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