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08 – The 13th

We talk about Game of Thrones and casting the Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker, but first we talk about Donald Trump Jr, Russian collusion, health care, should we just let it burn? Ava DuVernay, Selma. The 13 Doctor. Not worried about Whittaker, worried about Chibnall. Moving on from stuff we don’t like– just keep scrolling.  We kick Mark out for Game of Thrones spoilers. Deus Ex Arya. Is Jaime Lannister a good person? Setting up for future episodes. Dragonglass — Melissa is Dragonglass.

This episode’s ending track is The 13th by The Cure from their vastly underrated album Wild Mood Swings.


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4 – WOMEN ONLY episode

Ugly American in Chief was overseas this week, and it was so embarrassing. One fight: live together, die alone. White guys committing acts of terrorism. Praise for Walmart? Jared Kushner and Russia. Putin is Baron Zemo. Alamo Drafthouse and women-only screenings. The pie. San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor. Mark’s all-male Top Gun screening. Baywatch.


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3 – Guardians of the Racism Vol. Comey

Comey Comey Comey. Eff that guy, but seriously, this is about institutions and principles. John Cornyn for FBI Director? Did Comey flip the election? THIS WEEK IN RACISM:  Voter ID and intimidation certainly affected the election. Jeff Sessions. Mandatory Minimums. Watch 13th by Ava DuVernay and Dear White People. The Revolution is racist? Make America Great Again = Make Public Displays of Overt Racism Ok Again. Liberal colleges didn’t turn conservatives into assholes– Andy talks about going to a conservative college.  Guardians of the Galaxy!!! There will be spoilers!


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