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12 – Bye, Bannon!

Ding! Dong! The Bannon’s Dead! More dangerous now? We’ll take the win. Charlottesville response redux: The Mormoning. Romney, Hatch, and Flake! Oh My! A Purposeful Wife.  Game of Thrones. Mansplaining. Deathpool! Dickon for the win! Why Melissa should really be tied with Mark.


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Deathpool update:  Melissa gets a point for Dickon Tarly.

Current standings:
Mark:  2
Melissa: 1.5
Andy: 0

This week’s picks:
Andy: Jeff Sessions, Littlefinger
Mark: Stephen “Dickon” Miller, Thoros of Myr
Melissa: Gen. Kelly,  Thoros of Myr

Melissa and Mark will both be awarded one point for picking Thoros.

09 -Healthscare-amucci

The healthcare vote! McCain vs. Murkowski and Collins. Hirono shero. What if there were 50 women senators? Blake Farenthold and Republican Senate women. The problem is men, not gridlock. Ducky pajamas.


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Andy Mansplains Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Cities running on 100% clean energy. #ReadyFor100. Georgetown, Atlanta, San Diego. Republican Mayors. Andy and Toad the Wet Sprocket. What is House Trump’s sigil? Is The Mooch sticking around for long? (Mark called it. Andy and Melissa were wrong.) Why is Jeff Sessions your line in the sand? A gross moment talking about Steve Bannon.  Transgender people in the military vs. the border wall. All our fights are connected. A moment of hope? In defense of escapism. PO-tay-tos!
Weekly White House / Game of Thrones Death Pool:
Andy: Rex Tillerson, Yara Greyjoy
Mark: The Mooch, Milesandre
Melissa: Unnamed Communications Staff underlings fired by The Mooch, The Sand Snake

(Mark was right, and almost right with Milesandre! He leads, with Melissa in 2nd place. Andy has a zero.)


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