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13 – Harvey Danger

We’re preparing to get hit by Hurricane Harvey but all we can think about is Game of Thrones! Thoros of Myr, ice dragons– called it! Why Littlefinger has to go. Deathpool points grubbing. Mark thinks Cersei is dead?!?! The Defenders. We don’t have a lot to say. Joss Whedon. We talk Joss Whedon for a LOONG time. Is he a feminist? James Cameron.


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Deathpool update! Mark and Melissa both get a point for picking Thoros of Myr.

Current standings:
Mark:  3
Melissa: 2.5
Andy: 0

This week’s picks:
Andy: Jeff Sessions, Littlefinger
Mark: Stephen “Dickon” Miller, Cersei
Melissa: Gen. Kelly,  Littlefinger

This week’s closing music from Machines of Loving Grace – Butterfly Wings.


5 – Paris Accord Wonder Woman

The London terror attacks are on our minds, as are the Paris Climate Accord and the amazingness that is Wonder Woman.  Corbyn vs May and handicapping the British elections. Andy is upset about Paris. Coal miners. Taking care of people left behind by the economy. Why Wonder Woman is amazing. Melissa is amazing. No Man’s Land. Why WB needs to keep doing more of this.


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4 – WOMEN ONLY episode

Ugly American in Chief was overseas this week, and it was so embarrassing. One fight: live together, die alone. White guys committing acts of terrorism. Praise for Walmart? Jared Kushner and Russia. Putin is Baron Zemo. Alamo Drafthouse and women-only screenings. The pie. San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor. Mark’s all-male Top Gun screening. Baywatch.


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1 – 100 Days


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We’re back, baby! We feel like <<dermo>>. Andy welcomes our new Russian overlords. We run the first joke of the podcast into the ground.  Are we feeling any better? Not really. But rallies give us hope. Let’s see it change things at the ballot box. The San Antonio Mayor’s race.

Comedians vs. the media. Fake news. The media applauding airstrikes on Syria. Bill O’Reilly can go to hell. Props to Shep Smith. Newspapers are getting the job done. Dan Rather. Texas Tribune.

The Handmaid’s Tale.  Enjoy is not the right word. Mark can’t enjoy anything anymore because of things like Texas’s “sanctuary cities” bill. We have high hopes that Guardians of the Galaxy will fix that. Concerns about Wonder Woman and if DC is fully supporting it.