10 – The Devil’s in the Decennial


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Andy moved this/last week. And Mothers Day. Why we love Target.

Legends of Tomorrow casting Arthur Darvill!! We deserve Constantine getting cancelled. Brandon Routh needs to get small. Agent Carter gets renewed!

Everyone go listen to Two Feminist Moms podcast Brookes question on how to watch Doctor Who?

The Idiots Lantern Its so meta. We liked the bit with the family. The plot was ripped off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Is the sonic screwdriver a crutch?

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit We get freaked out by the devil monster and the Ood. Rose gets to be a badass. Its cool when the Doctor is surprised or has to change his views. Science vs. myth. Is it ethical to have a slave race? If a woman chooses to wear a burqa or otherwise cover their bodies, is that ethical? Is it ok that Andy doesnt drink? The ethics of Ex Machina.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Why we love the Alamo Drafthouse. Theres not a lot of plot or dialogue its a 2 hour chase scene. Its like seeing Elliot and ET fly across the moon.

Were prophets about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Black Widow replaced by Cap in a toy of her best scene. Mark and his daughter cant find Black Widow toys. We swear. We were totally wrong about who FemThor was. Sony leaks email about female led superhero movies. We need more women screenwriters. . . but Andy has a great idea for a Black Widow movie. . .hes ok with Kelly Sue DeConnick writing his movie. We love Mark Ruffalo. Were almost exclusively a feminism podcast now.

And if you wanted to watch the livestream of the episode, including all the stuff we say in between cuts, and you can see Mark playing with the Google Hangout costumes.

9 – Robot Rampage


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This episode were joined by the amazing Melissa Martinez, who

Cinco de Mayo/May the Fourth brought to us by Obi Juan Kenobi.

Introducing Melissa!

Maisie Williams coming to Doctor Who. Strong Female Characters. Does Moffat not know how to write women? Sherlock.

School Reunion Anthony Stewart Head! How wed use godlike powers. Dick Cheney punishments. Sarah Jane and K9.

Girl in the Fireplace Consequences of time travel, the Doctors mortality vs. the passage of time for the people he leaves behind. The writers strike ruined tv.

Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel The perils of alternate dimensions. Ricky/Micky is the dog in the car. The Farnsworth Parabox. Rose has daddy issues. Who is our best version of us in another universe?

The second half of the show is just lots of talk about Avengers 2, the SNL Black Widow trailer. And feminism.

Seriously, after we ended the episode, we hung out for another hour discussing feminism and comic books and tv and movies and feminism. Its mostly Mark and Melissa arguing, but its pretty great.

8 – Avengers, Zombies, and Werewolves- Oh My!


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This week we review Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in the second half of the show with guest Bryan Young, but first, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, and Tooth and Claw. And we welcome Rebecca Frost from the Hello Sweetie Podcast!


PS for those who dont know why we keep calling Rebecca Rachel, please watch this: (some NSFW language)

Mark hates us. Having a Marvel movie come out on your birthday is the best. Avengers highs.

Tennant is Rebeccas Doctor.

The Christmas Invasion Is this the first scary aliens? Mannequins vs. Christmas Trees. The aliens rock. Prime Minister Harriet Jones. Is The Doctor a hypocrite? Sexism in politics. Confusion with regeneration?

New Earth Cats are sociopaths. Rebeccas three-legged cat. Cassandra is the worst. Cat peoples claws and running skills. Zombies! Theres always one button why?!?! Billie Pipers acting skills. Shes Britains answer to Mandy Moore. Robin Sparkles. Andys HIMYM idea with Avengers. We almost start fighting about HIMYM. The Face of Bo again! Torchwood.

Tooth and Claw Anagrams. Royal Baby Werewolf Watch 2015. Queen Elizabeth is like 1,000. She has a Lazarus Pit. Martial arts and then Monster of the Week. Supernatural is so meta.

Quick reactions on Jared Letos Joker photo. We have mixed reactions.

Argument about Matt Smith!

Avengers Review starts at 46:30 featuring Bryan Young! Beware: Some minor plot spoilers, but no more than what is in the trailers. Then we get REALLY spoilery. But we warn you first.

7 – Bad Wolf Trailers!


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This week we finish off Series 1 and talk about all the trailer goodness weve had.


We get confused and think this is episode 6 instead of 7 and make Star Wars references and do Emperor Palpatine impressions.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances Captain Jack Harkness is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. How to manipulative b-list celebrities on social media. The Blitz. We talk for a long time about abortion. Seriously. A lot about abortion. The kids who stare at Mark.

Boom Town The return of farting aliens. Breakfast of Champions. Nuclear power. The dinner scene. Second chances. The death penalty.

Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways Reality TV will destroy humanity. The Weakest Link? Seriously? Blasphemy! Why a Bad Wolf?

Eccleston post-mortem: Mark likes Eccleston more than Tennant. Is his northern accent too much? British regional accents. Dan le Sac vs. Scroobious Pip. Ecclestons creative differences.

Disney XD showing Doctor Who reruns. We want the Doctor at EPCOT.

TRAILERS!!! Man tears from Chewie, were home. Ant-Man. We only know actors by the parts they play. Congressman Pete Russo from House of Cards and Kate from Lost are in Ant-Man. Andy loves Scott Lang. THAT TRAIN.

Terminator has too many spoilers. Fool me three times? Jai Courtney. Quick review of The Water Diviner. Kyle Reese is just a sperm donor. Helena Bonham Carter will have to show up at least three times to explain the plot.

Fantastic Four Andy watches it live for the first time. Differing views of Chronicle. Theres a lot of Freddy the Barbecue Guy from House of Cards.

THE FORCE AWAKENS!!! So much awesome. Oscar Isaac might be Andys new favorite actor. Ex Machina review its all sorts of amazing. Battlefront trailer We need to get next gen consoles. Boba Fett lives? The Good, The Bad, and the Fett? Rebels trailer. Old Rex. Rogue One. Young Porkins?

Batman v Superman: we have a Marvel vs. DC throwdown and lovefest. Frank Miller really hates Superman. Why Andy loves Superman. Daredevil. The sharp edge of justice. Superman is the America we want to be, Batman is the America we are. Hey, Warner Bros hire us!

Were spoiled by awesome movies. What were the worst 80s and 90s comic book movies?

6 – Daleks and Daredevil


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Andys got bats in his belfry. ANNOUNCEMENT: Were doing an Avengers: Age of Ultron Review for Episode 8. Distracted by Flash/Arrow.

Dalek Andy/Big Shiny Robots connection to Utah. Utes vs. Utahns. Utah is the nerdiest state. Ayn Rand. Mitt Romney should blame Doctor Who. What makes great science fiction. Commentary on America hoarding, torture. Yin and Yang: Good and Evil, Timelords and Daleks, Mormonism, Aristotle, Dragonlance, Alien, Jedi and Sith. Troll the respawn, Jeremy!

The Long Game Fun to see Simon Pegg as a villain. The media. Hierarchy. Searching for Truth. Police shootings.

Fathers Day fixed points in time. Viewing the past through rose-tinted glasses. Rick Astley. Romanticizing the 60s. Dont touch yourself.

Bond: Christoph Waltz thinks were idiots. Is it a spoiler that Cumberbatch was Khan? Do we need the mystery box? Were addicted to the marketing.

Daredevil: origin stories. Frank Miller, Bendis, Brubaker. Opening sequence. Catholicism. How the action sequences are shot. Oldboy. Man of Steel chopping up the origin story so it works thematically. The first three episodes are a slow, satisfying burn. Using the Netflix model to your advantage. The violence level violent in the name of furthering plot and character. Ben Urich. Were not going to get a Season 2 for a while. Netflix stock jumped 2.5%. Karen Page. Foggy is a damsel. Scott Glenn is my Stick. Terrence Stamp and the terrible Elektra movie. Episode 4 in the garage that was a Batman scene. They nail the Russian mafia stuff youre missing out with only reading the subtitles. Fisk and Murdock are the same person. DOnofrio as Fisk is amazing. Gentrification. Spoilers.

5 – Bad Timelord!


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Were joined by new subscribers, including from New Zealand. Mark proceeds to insult the Kiwis. Flight of the Conchords. Andys Odyssey-like journey to Louisville. We want a TARDIS. Actual Doctor Who this week! Is The Doctor bad at running the TARDIS? Charles Dickens. The Amazing Randi. Farting aliens. Backbench MPs. Cardiff. Torchwood. San Antonio politics.

Easter Candy. Star Wars Action Figures. Trading Cards app. Furious 7. Doritos. Did they get Jason Statham a box to stand on? You will believe a car can fly. Thats your next Star Trek movie. Woman in Gold. Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds. Heavy-handed, dry legal drama with Nazis. Danny Collins. Al Pacino. John Lennon. Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Garner. Annette Bening. Amazing cast, great performances. While Were Young. Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as Generation X vs. Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried as Millenials. Trigger Warning: vomit. TV, brought to us by Marks dinner shame. Agents of SHIELD. Daredevil. Next week will be all Doctor Who and Daredevil. Will Daredevil be in Civil War? Marvel Butt Numb a Thon. Winter Soldier trivia contests.

(Also, please forgive any technical difficulties in this episode or what might seem like weird edits. We blame Google for kicking us randomly out of Hangouts On Line. Thanks Obama!)

4 – In the Immortal Words of The Doors, The Time to Hesitate is Through


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ANDY WATCHED DOCTOR WHO! Empire Records. The British model of TV is superior. MI-5. We forget Matthew Macfayden and Orlando Joness names.

This weeks episodes: Rose, The End of the World
Andy enjoyed them both. The Doctor is carrying around some guilt. Animating plastic would not be good. The giant garbage patch in the Pacific. Other unmentionables, but we wont go there so we can keep the podcast PG. Billie Piper. Cliffhangers. The sonic screwdriver. Technology has changed since the 60s. Cassandra. Love the Tainted Love. Hate the Toxic. Boy and Girl Bands are Andys guilty pleasure. Toxic, What a Fool Believes, and Problem the Battle Royale of love/hate songs. The Face of Bo. Classic Earth. The price of immortality. The last Dalek is in Salt Lake City? Is it conceited to think that the Earth is so important?

We introduce a new sponsor: Karaoke on Friday. Andy will take any karaoke dare. We both saw The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Lots of comparisons to Hunger Games. San Antonio and Austin are way segregated and this is what our society is becoming. Candor. Andy takes a truth serum. Mark gave Andy some weak tea. None of Andys friends want to embarrass him. X-Files. SPECTRE trailer. The Sony leak. Dave Bautista is Random Task. Sam Mendes. Road to Perdition. Skyfall is the best Bond ever. We disagree about the train sequence.

3 – A Confession


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Dalek relaxation tape. Andy is so late to the party. Mark finally saw Kingsman and Cinderella. We get serious about overpopulation. We dont want President Mountain Dew Comacho and electrolytes. Cinderella. And feminism. Dudes talking about feminism. Dumbos race problems. The Black Crowes as the black crows? Home. Its like Jar Jar. But we kind of love Jar Jar. Transformers: The Movie (86) Andy does a mean Peter Cullen/Optimus Prime and sings You Got the Touch. Alamo Drafthouse needs to bring it in San Antonio. Andys mom is getting one put in by her house. Skipping SXSW 2015. Because no Marvel. Agents of SHIELD will lead to Civil War. Edward James Adama Olmos will lead Battlestar SHIELD. Civil War might not be about superhero identities, but more about government control. iZombie. I get confused about whats in the tv and whats on the tv show. Her name is Liv, get it? Its Veronica Mars + Warm Bodies + Being Human + Bones + Supernatural + Tru Calling. An anecdote about NCAA basketball, St Patricks Day, and live karaoke. Say Its Aint So. Open invite to karaoke with Andy.

A Confession: reports of my virginhood may be overstated. My first experiences with watching Dr. Who and how it inspired this podcast. Salt Lake Comic-Con. My first episode was Into the Dalek. Breaking into with Capaldi will go over your head. Seeing Weeping Angels for the first time with Matt Smith. To Watch Season 1 or not? Christopher Eccleston is divisive. Shows with weak first seasons. Seinfeld. Doctor Who is a kids show, Torchwood is for adults. Everything Joss Whedon ever does has a weak first season, according to Andy. We almost come to blows over Firefly. Con Men. We love Alan Tudyk. Mark Hamill. Adam Warlock. Inclusion among geeks. Dont be that kind of geek. Be like Hello Sweetie. Andys faith in humanity restored over Gamergate?

(Andy apologizes for the loud kids in the background for the last ten minutes)

2 – Everything I Know About Who (But Were Afraid to Ask)


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We all wish we sounded like Harrison Ford. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the first episode. Star Wars: Rogue One. Ghostbusters all female cast. Cinderella. Are we going to get overwhelmed by too much Star Wars? Agents of SHIELD: privatizing peace? Daredevil. Powers.

Everything I know about Who: Timelord? TARDIS? Are they like Green Lanterns? Timelords are like Spock, but ours is more like Kirk. What the device of time travel says about humanity. 12th Regeneration? Companions? Tragedy. Captain Jack and Torchwood. Andys first mistake is Moffat. Eccleston, Tennant, Smith, Capaldi. And Tom Baker. John Hurt is confusing. Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels. The Master. A female Doctor? Geeky blindspots. We both dont know anything about anime. The ethical dilemma.

Next week? A confession. Reports of my virginity may be highly overstated.

1 – All the Time in the World


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Intros. We’re nothing special. Mark is a librarian, not really like that TNT show. We love redheads.

Seen any good movies? No.
Unfinished Business is awful. Chappie? Chef is Favreau’ therapy. Star Wars and Avengers are a restaurant.

Go see Kingsman or stay in and watch tv: Blackish vs. Fresh Off the Boat. We’ll miss you, Johnny Karate. Agent Carter vs. Agents of SHIELD. Is Bobbi Morse a Leviathan? Fitz vs. Simmons. Hawkeye is worm food. The perfect amount of Kat Dennings. Sheldon Cooper is on the Asperger’s spectrum. Too Many Fulcrums. Rebels finale. The Force:  Dark Side vs Light Side vs. . Neutral? Is Sarah Michelle Gellar going to be Mara Jade?

Commercial break

Tim and Eric Time Travel Song

Time Travel. Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek was Mark’s dad’s fault. Kurtwood Smith is Ahab meets Kang the Conquerer in “Year of Hell.” Nimoy saved Krusty. William Bell on Fringe. Parallel universes. Mark is the Miles Morales Batman. Spock Prime helps explain the movies. Fixed Points in time. Unfrozen Nimoy in Trek 2112 reboot. Edith Keeler must die. Hitler must live? We’re anti-Semites? Andy loves First Contact; Mark hates it. Farmer Hoggett can build a warp engine. Rules for time travel. Terminator rules—Mark will take the next pod. If time travel exists, what is it like, what should it be like? If Doc Brown showed up, we’d keep our heartache. Kirk needs his pain. About Time. Kids are the ultimate fixed point in time. Interstellar. Looper. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban is the best. Safety Not Guaranteed. Primer. How Andy would use a time machine to talk to his 15 year old self.